“Our Studio, The Style Council has had the pleasure of working with Ian Grodman quite a few times over the last few years to gain H-1b and J1 visas for our artists. Having the ability to gain working visas for our artists is vital to the operation of our business. The artists that we employ are the sparkplugs that run our studio, and we have maintained constant activity with students and working artists in the UK in an effort to maintain the standard and quality of artwork our clients have come to expect from our studio. We have worked exclusively with Ian Grodman over the last three years for all of our visa applications, and cannot conjure the words to express how important he has become to our studio’s success. He has always been meticulous with all of our legal advice, and most importantly convenient and quick in every step along the way. He makes my job easier just knowing that we can trust in his experience and expertise to get the job done right, and we have been granted the needed visas in every case. He has always come through for us, and we could not be happier with his services.” – Johnathan Lowe, Art Director, The Style Council.

“Ian was extremely responsive on short notice and provided a common client with solid advice. He is among the rare lawyers who demonstrate as much care and concern for their clients.” Barry Pollack, Partner at Sullivan & Worcester, LLP, Boston

“I am an American who met my wife in Holland. She moved to the United States, to live with me and I wanted her to experience all the opportunities this country has to offer. One of those things is residency. However, residency is a difficult venture to embark on. There are so many forms, necessary certificates, photos, proofs, etc. Some with fees, or specific packaging or mailing instructions. All of this is made more stressful by the time involved in finding and organizing all this, by yourself or your wife. It’s next to impossible. Well that task was given to Ian Grodman. Ian and his associates worked with my wife and me to guide us through the process in a swift, friendly, and professional manner. Ian’s office made sure that we had all the right forms, documents, etc. so we were prepared. Meaning, that when it came time for our interview at Immigration, we were ready and we got approved, because we WERE prepared! Ian was right there, too. He made our case easier for us. It’s your right to go through the process, but why go through the hassle. We recommend you let Ian Grodman help you.” – P.T. and J.J.

“My former nanny hired Ian as an immigration attorney. This was her second attorney that she hired as the first one took advantage of her. Ian succeeded in obtaining a green card for her, which was difficult due to the language barrier and her complicated marriage. He fully supported her during the entire process and was extremely compassionate. Ian kept us informed at all times on the status of the case and the likely timelines, and prepared her for her interview and attended USCIS with her. I highy recommend Ian as a professional lawyer and friend.” - A.B, Customer Care Manager

“I write to thank you for your invaluable help and collaboration regarding my son’s case, in which you helped us in getting and correcting all documents needed for permanent residency. I thank you for the interest and sincerity that you showed in this long legal battle here in the U.S. as well as in El Salvador. When my son had to travel back to our country to receive a medical exam and submit documents to the U.S. Embassy, you showed your continued dedication to our case through your professionalism and responsibility to have it work out in our favor. Thank you for your tireless efforts to help my son and me. I urge you to keep moving forward in helping others as you helped my son and me, through your professionalism and excellent work. I wish you success and many blessings in your personal and professional life.” – E.C.M.